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Clarification/Information About Processing Personal Data

We care about the security of your personal data. With this in mind, we show great sensitivity to protect all of your personal data as best and as precise as possible. With this responsibility in mind, according to the law no 6698, Law of Protecting Personal Data (“Law”) and the related legislation, with the Data Manager title, we process your data as stated below.

Gathering, Processing Personal Data and Process Reasons

To be able to provide you a high quality service, based on the features of the provided service, we gather your personal data via Call Center, internet, mobile applications, physical environments and similar channels, in verbal, written, visual or electronic form.

In this extent, all the primary general and private personal data, especially the personal health data that are necessary to conduct all medical diagnosis, examination, treatment and care services are listed below;

  • ID information such as your name, surname, ID no. If you are not a Turkish citizen, your passport number or temporary TR ID no, date and place of birth, marital status, and gender, and your TR ID or Driver Licence copy that you submitted,
  • communication information such as your address, phone number, e-mail, financial data such as bank account no, IBAN no,
  • Health and sexual life data gathered during conducting medical diagnosis, treatment and care services such as your laboratory and image results, test results, examination data, prescription data that you submitted for the follow up of your file,
  • Your response and comments that you shared to evaluate our services,
  • Your close circuit camera system image and voice recordings gathered during your visit to our hospitals,
  • Your recorded phone calls gathered when you contacted our Call Center,
  • Your data of personal health insurance and Social Security Service data to finance and plan health services,
  • Your vehicle license plate data if you use the parking lot and valet services,
  • Visiting information, IP address, scanning information gathered when you visit our website and use our mobile applications, and medical documents, surveys, form information and location data that you submitted of your own volition,

Your personal data stated above and your special personal data may be processed with the reasons below:

  • To protect public health, to conduct protective physician, medical diagnosis, treatment and care services,
  • According to the related legislation, to share the information demanded by Ministry of Health and other public institutions and organizations,
  • To satisfy legal and regulative requirements,
  • In regards to the financing, and meeting the expenses of tests, diagnosis and treatment, and to check condignation, to share the information demanded by private insurance companies, via our Patient Services, Financial Affairs, Marketing departments,
  • To inform you about your appointment via our Call Center and Digital Channels,
  • To confirm your identity via Patient Services, Health Professionals and Call Center,
  • To plan and manage the internal administration of the institution via our Clinic Management,
  • To conduct analyses in order to improve the health services via Quality, Patient Experience, Information Systems,
  • To provide training to our employees,
  • To observe and obstruct unauthorized and abusing processes
  • To conduct risk management and quality development activities
  • To perform billing for the provided services
  • To confirm your relation with institutions contracted with our clinic
  • To respond to all your questions and complaints related to our health services
  • To take all the necessary technical and administrative precautions for data security of our clinic’s system and applications
  • To provide campaign participation and campaign information, and to design and transmit special content on Web and mobile channels via Marketing, Media and Communication, Call Center departments,
  • To measure, increase and investigate patient satisfaction
  • To conduct training and education activities via education institutions that cooperate with the institution. “Your Personal and Special Data” stated above, will be recorded and protected in physical and electronic archives by Our Clinic and external service providers, in accordance with regulations and with great care.

Transferring Personal Data

Your personal information could be shared with the following, in accordance with No 3359 Health Services Basic Law, no 663 Statutory Decree Regarding the Organization and Duties of Ministry of Health and Its Affiliates, no 6698 Protection of Personal Data Law, Private Hospitals Legislation, Processing of Personal Medical Data and Protection of Privacy Legislation and Ministry of Health regulations and miscellaneous regulations, and with the reasons

explained above;

  • Ministry of Health, sub-divisions of the ministry and family practice centers,
  • Private insurance companies (health, retirement, life insurance and similar),
  • Social Services Institution,
  • Security General Directorate and other law enforcement forces,
  • General Directorate of Census,
  • Turkish Pharmacists Association,
  • Judicial authorities,
  • For medical diagnosis and treatment, laboratories in Turkey and abroad that we are in cooperation with, medical centers, institutions that provide ambulance, medical device and health services,
  • Medical institution that the patient was transferred or applied on his/her own volition,
  • Your legal, authorized representatives,
  • Third persons that provide consultancy to us including our lawyers, tax advisers and auditors,
  • Regulator and auditor institutions and official authorities,
  • our suppliers, support service providers, archive service providers and partners that we are using their services or in coordination with (for a more detailed information, you may apply to our hospital in writing).

Method and Legal Cause of Gathering Personal Data

Your personal data is being gathered and processed in all types of verbal, written, visual or electronic medium, with the reasons stated above, to conduct all the affairs of Our Clinic’s activity in a legal frame, and for Our Clinic to be able to perform all its contractual and legal responsibilities fully and as is due.

The legal reason for gathering your hereby personal data;

  • No 6698 Protection of Personal Data Law,
  • No 3359 Health Services Basic Law,
  • No 663 Statutory Decree Regarding the Organization and Duties of Ministry of Health and Its Affiliates,
  • Private Hospitals Legislation,
  • Processing of Personal Medical Data and Protection of Privacy Legislation,
  • Ministry of Health regulations and miscellaneous regulations.

Also, as stated in Article 6 Clause 3 of the Law, personal data concerning health and sexual life can only be processed without the open consent of the related person by people or authorized institutions and organizations with confidentiality obligation to protect public health, to perform medical diagnosis, treatment and care services, planning and managing medical services and their financing.

Your Rights Regarding Personal Data Protection

According to the related legislation;

  • To learn if the personal data was processed,
  • To follow up the information if the personal data was processed,
  • To access and request personal medical data,
  • To learn the reason for processing the personal data and if they are being used according to that reason,
  • To know the third parties in the country or abroad to which the personal data was transferred,
  • To request the correction of personal data if the personal data was processed incomplete or wrong,
  • To request to erase or destroy the personal data,
  • To request the notification to third parties to which the personal data was transferred in case the personal data was processed incomplete or wrong and you request the correction and/or erasure or destruction of these personal data,
  • To object to a result that could be to the detriment to you by the process of data exclusively by automatic systems,
  • To demand the compensation of damages if the illegal process of personal data would cause any damages.

Data Security and Application Right

Your personal data is being protected with great care within technical and administrative means, and necessary security measures are provided at a level appropriate for the possible risks within technological means. You can;

  • Personally deliver your legal requests to “İstanbul – Turkey” adress
  • send them via a Notary,
  • or you can send it via a recorded e-mail address or an e-mail address recorded in our system as

“Clarification Information About Processing Personal Data”