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Your evaluation is completed by our medical doctors through an online interview. A detailed assessment is the first priority the understand a patients condition.You can review documents used by our doctors during a patient assessment.

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Appointment with Our Patients

Our appointments with our patients are always focused on communication and trust. Don’t forget to watch a patient’s doctor visit!

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Have Some Questions About the Online Consultation?

After completing the form, your form will first be forwarded to our patient advisor. Our patient counselor will hold a preliminary meeting with you to confirm your request. Our patient consultant will then check the availability of the doctor and return to you on the date you want (or an alternative date).

Online consultation is carried out in English. If you have difficulties in English and would like to meet in your own language, an interpreter in Arabic, Russian and German can be invited to the meeting. If you have such a request, you must inform your patient advisor in advance.

Although it varies according to the field you are applying for, an average of 30 minutes is allocated for an online consultation. During this time, our doctor will ask you a series of questions to analyze your condition and determine the appropriate treatment for you.

Yes, you can attend with a family member who knows you well, can describe your disease process and provide answers about your daily routine.

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New Next Steps allows you to meet professor level in all online consultations. You can click here to get more information about our team, which has been practicing its profession for a long time and is among the most successful doctors in the world.

Before the online consultation, all preliminary examinations and documents related to your current situation will be requested from you by our patient consultant. Therefore, our doctor will participate in the interview by knowing the information about you. If a secondary test or examination is required after the evaluation of our doctor, your diagnosis and treatment will be planned after these examinations are also examined.

The success rate of our clinic in Turkey is over 95%. The fact that we are a center equipped with the latest technologies, the frequency and level of knowledge of our doctors, our working system in accordance with quality standards, and our care to keep the patient at the center at all times have a great effect

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